Monday, May 31, 2010


this is a very important question..
it will explain your intellect, your way of thinking and your personalities deep down...
so tell us...

what would you prefer to be called by your guy????


the choice is yours...
choose wisely...

Thursday, May 20, 2010


okay we get that freedom of speech is something that is very much valued by the western society, but when does it reach the point tht it starts to hurt other people???
There is a difference between freedom of speech and common sense. Though it seems like these days common sense is a foreign concept to the western world!
The strongly i believe that freedom of speech is important i also sometimes believe that practicing it may hurt other people,
what happened or is suppose to happen today on 20 may is not something to be proud of, cuz it is not freedom of speech.
you people may find this hard to believe but this whole world does not significantly revolve around you. You say freedom of speech is everything and we agree, you go and [naozunbillah] draw pictures of our holy prophet [s.a.w] that I m afraid to say we cannot agree on,
you make fun of us, you call us deprived of freedom, you call Muslims terrorists, you deliberately hold us at airports to thoroughly check our luggage again and again, we take it quietly, but if you thought that this was also gonna be taken quietly you were sadly mistaken. there is a limit to everything.
by doing this you did not only show ur real self but also how the so called neutral ppl are also biased in reality.
yes the group tht started this draw day was some other people but if face book constantly ignored the reports against tht group fb only showed its neutrality was biased after all !!!!!!
you people though celebrating your south parks 200th episode by making fun of Muslims holy prophet was funny? we have a news for you, IT WASN'T, it was dumb, racist,insolent,insufferably narcissistic!!!!
world i again mention does not revolve around you !!! i may also very much happily inform you that in out country Facebook is now banned for an unannounced time!!! this is causing you millions of dollars and we couldn't be happier !!!!

P.S.... on another note we all hope you curl up and die in a sewer !!!!!