Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa
Iron Fey Series
The iron fey series by Julie kagawa is the latest seires we have finished reading, its debut novel, the Iron King was published first in's one of those series that leave you wanting more but it's fourth and last book just came out and the series concluded.the series has four novels, and two novellas.
it's basically about a girl, Megan chase, who finds her little step brother to be kidnapped by someone and things start to unfold and a whole new world she never believed in comes into view. she finds that her brother is in the fey world and she might have no other choice but to go after him into the unknown world of fey or faerie. I'm not gonna give any spoilers here because those who have read it don't need explanation to why its awesome and those who haven't wont want spoilers. but let me tell you this though that the world described in this books is very much amazing and imaginative. the new creatures and the world made by the author is epic. there are two courts that is summer court and winter court are described to be present in the fey world of nevernever, yes that's the name,YES and i know its a weird name.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Like I said in my previous post, our (meaning me and Aisha of course) criticizing skills are damn good when we watch or read something together! And this time it was no different. After years we decided to watch Thumbelina again, you know as a sort of reminder of those good ol’ days! But this time somehow the movie was kinda more on the trampy side than you know the magical place it was once in our childhood!
Shocked aren’t you! I knew it! Whenever we tell someone that, their first reaction is “yeah right!” but we swear we are not kidding! It even shocked us, so we watched it twice and both times we came to the same conclusion and that is “damn Thumbelina is such a @#$!” We are damn serious! Ok let’s start from the beginning.


So.. We are well into the year 2012 by now! According to Mayan belief we will, well to put it bluntly, die in December. Personally I don’t believe in this crap, but most people do. And most people who do believe in this stuff is because of the movie 2012, which by the way was

a very crappy movie, don’t know why we didn’t review it though. So you know what lets review it now!
When we first watched the trailers, this is what our reaction was:

Yes exactly that because it looked so freaking awesome! :P, anyway me and bud here decided to watch it together(our criticizing skills are very much to an advantage when we watch or read something together) and oh boy did we have fun laughing our ass off! The story was so damn ridiculous!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just some randomness...before exam!!

Why is that whenever its the exam time even the most dire of things start to look interesting? That discarded novel you never wanted to read, that long 2 dvd version movie about a boring person you always avoided even holding. Even writing in your blog when you are suffering from writers block is more appealing then opening those God forsaken notes that give you information and promise to take you on the road to success.
I like many others have an exam tomorrow and again like many others the tissue box on that table is more interesting then the book I'm suppose to be studying. In my defense though, the book is very redundant and insufferable. Who needs to learn infinite amount of dates anyway? Its not like when I am in my professional life someone is going to come up and ask me "hey who created the AM (amplitude module) for radios?" it was Lee Fossenden in case you didn't knew ( Wow, looks like one point is guaranteed if they ask me that tomorrow) and who in their right minds name their kid Lee Fossenden anyway?? Its like his parents names him solely for the purpose of confusing the future generation who will have to learn his name.
I demand justice, or an Xbox whatever is easier to supply.

P.S : I do realize that this ough to have been my journal entry rather then a wecritcs blog post but I can explain this act: I couldn't find my journal and I'm lazy!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Yes yes, we know!.. we are a little late in the wishing department.. but its the thought that counts right?
So from everyone here at We Critics, we wish you a very happy new year!!
Hope this year will be as rocking as the last one!! 

Friday, January 6, 2012


A few days ago, my friend and I were discussing if it makes us sadist if we like dystopian books more than the utopian ones? Well this is what I think.
Utopian books are the books about the magical world where everything is perfect. Perfect government, perfect policies, perfect rule and perfect everything. This is the place where we dream of living one day. We wished we lived in a world where there were no wars and no hatred. The dystopian books on the other hand are the total opposite (As if you didn’t know that already).


6th December 2011, a date that I had marked in all of my date books (yes I do have more than one, and yes I know it doesn’t make sense but it does to me). It was Clockwork Prince release date and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. But as the cruel fate would have it, my finals unfortunately started on the same date! So I started reading this book after my finals (yes, as much as I love reading novels my grades matter a lot to me).
All I can say is that it was well worth the wait! Clockwork Prince turned out to be everything and more! Though I still can’t make up mind about Jem or Will, they are both so amazing!! How can you decide between the two of them is just out of my comprehension. And the fact that now, probably, one of them will be left with a broken heart is such an unbearable thought. Oh why can’t they both be happy! Its like watching Damon Salvatore die again! Choosing between Will and Jem is as hard as choosing between the Weasley twins.