Friday, January 6, 2012


6th December 2011, a date that I had marked in all of my date books (yes I do have more than one, and yes I know it doesn’t make sense but it does to me). It was Clockwork Prince release date and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. But as the cruel fate would have it, my finals unfortunately started on the same date! So I started reading this book after my finals (yes, as much as I love reading novels my grades matter a lot to me).
All I can say is that it was well worth the wait! Clockwork Prince turned out to be everything and more! Though I still can’t make up mind about Jem or Will, they are both so amazing!! How can you decide between the two of them is just out of my comprehension. And the fact that now, probably, one of them will be left with a broken heart is such an unbearable thought. Oh why can’t they both be happy! Its like watching Damon Salvatore die again! Choosing between Will and Jem is as hard as choosing between the Weasley twins.
I couldn’t put the book down for a single second, and when I did I kept thinking about what will happen next. All I can say is that Cassandra Clare is surely an awesome writer. The suspense she leaves us poor readers in is indeed remarkable! Well I guess we can all do with a little less tormenting but I guess that’s what makes her books amazing! She shows no mercy! :P
The thing that bothered me was the fact that I ordered mine from B&N, that means I couldn’t read the special feature “burning bright”. Why did they thought that the fans might buy both versions is out of my comprehension. I mean I know I might not be the smartest shopper in the world, but even I know buying the same book twice is plain ridiculous. Hopefully burning bright would be available online soon enough.
Other than the exclusive content fiasco, this book was epic and I honestly cannot wait till the Clockwork Princess comes out; I just hope it comes out before aliens abducts us or whatever those crazy predictions are…