Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa
Iron Fey Series
The iron fey series by Julie kagawa is the latest seires we have finished reading, its debut novel, the Iron King was published first in's one of those series that leave you wanting more but it's fourth and last book just came out and the series concluded.the series has four novels, and two novellas.
it's basically about a girl, Megan chase, who finds her little step brother to be kidnapped by someone and things start to unfold and a whole new world she never believed in comes into view. she finds that her brother is in the fey world and she might have no other choice but to go after him into the unknown world of fey or faerie. I'm not gonna give any spoilers here because those who have read it don't need explanation to why its awesome and those who haven't wont want spoilers. but let me tell you this though that the world described in this books is very much amazing and imaginative. the new creatures and the world made by the author is epic. there are two courts that is summer court and winter court are described to be present in the fey world of nevernever, yes that's the name,YES and i know its a weird name.
The characters are amazingly developed. its THE series for people who love love triangles.
Puck is the witty hot best friend of Megan while Ash is a winter prince who is hot and brooding. who could want more right. and the epic-ness of this books doesn't end here there is also a cat saith which is extremely sarcastic. this series in my opinion has everything, drama, romance, extremely funny friend against an extremely hot prince, evil mothers who exile their own son and cats that insult everyone. who can ever ask for more right.
the story line is also very good. I'm saying that for people who like content too when it comes to books. don't get me wrong, we ask for content too, see: we hates twilight, just a hot guy isn't enough to hold attention for four books. writers cant just put a sparkly guy in a story to produce a good book you know. so this books as i said before has everything and that includes a good story line and great character development.
so overall, anyone who is a fan of young adult books or fantasy books this should be on their to read list asap.