Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Frustration of Never Letting Go !!!

Book Review of The Knife of never letting go (Chaos Walking I)

Spoiler : This is not a review this is an all out bashing contest.If you are planning to read this book then please read it first otherwise you will notice the below mentioned things enormously throughout the novel and they will continue to haunt you till the end.

Let's Start :

This has to be the very first book which irritated me to the limits. The main idea of listening to other people thoughts was cool, apart from that this is NOT a cool novel.There are only a million things that i didnt like about this book few of highlights were

- The despicable main character TODD.(Where TODD is a perfect example of how    irritating/coward personality would look like)
- The inability of villains to give up/lose.
- The Superman/Batman/Spider man and any other man alike Aaron who fails to die no matter whats happens to him.
- The hopelessness in this book.(Ironically the main message of the book is Hope/Never give up)
- Villain-Won cliffhanger (wasn't a surprise really given the recurring circumstances)

The most noticeable thing in this book was the series of unfortunate events that occurred to two poor souls wait one poor soul a.k.a Viola (Considering TODD was a douche-bag) ... ONLY bad things happened to them i mean there was not a single event which might have showed some hope.It happened so frequently that after some time i started predicting the right villain to jump out of the blue and try to kill the children.

The only good thing about this whole book was Viola , only she has the audacity to stand up to what's right and what needs to be done.