Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Cant help but feel girly, when your bag spills out; and all you can see are a few lipsticks, a blusher, lots of chocolates and a cell charger. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I wrote some of the things that i have noticed in my time i went there, so i decided to write some things that were repeated over and over in various semesters ,also i might like to point out that these may or may not seem true to you i'm just writing what i think is right so even if you don't agree please don't get offended following are the rules of being in fuclas:
  • If a girl likes a guy, only the girl and her best friend knows, but if a guy likes some girl EVERYONE except the girl knows.
  • Someone, ANYONE has to be playing an instrument at all times.
  • Guys walk in bundles to go to the bathroom while girls go alone (universal rule reversed)
  • The day you do not bring your student ID shall be the day they check for it.
  • If it aint dirty, it aint cafeteria food.
  • If a teacher is good and amazing at her field she or he will definitively not get to teach another class in this university.
  • If a teacher is there in permanent staff, she or he shall teach ANY subject she or he can get hold of.
  • Library is there but not to read books.
  • Boys bathroom (unsanitary may it be)provides irreplaceable acoustics to play an instrument and  to randomly sing songs.