Tuesday, June 28, 2011



"Marie-Ange Hawkins has the rich kid's childhood that other kids dream about. She has freedom, love, security in a beautiful old French chateau. But when Marie-Ange is only 11, a tragic accident marks the end of her idyllic life. Orphaned now, and alone, she is sent to America, to live with her great-aunt on a farm in Iowa. Her aunt really resnts her deeply, and cuts her off from all she has ever loved.
In Marie-Ange's lonely existence, only the friendship of a local boy, Billy Parker, offers comfort and hope to her. But her only wish is to gain comfort and escape. Then just after her twenty-first birthday, an unexpected visitor brings startling news and an extraordinary gift; the freedom to return to France, to Chateau de Marmouton.
When she arrives in France, Marie-Ange learns that the chateau's new owner is Comte Bernard de Beauchamp, a dashing young widower who invites her into his home, then into his heart. Their life together, soon includes marriage, children, and lavish homes. It takes an ominous turn though when a strange woman calls to tell Marie-Ange a very strange, shocking story. One so chilling, she doesn't want to believe it.
Not even her old friend Billy can help her now as he is thousands of miles away. So Marie-Ange somehow has to find courage and faith to survive."

Looking at the summery plot, the story actually does sound interesting. What the readers don’t know is how many flaws and weird happenings does this book contains.
This girl marie-ange makes some very insane decisions in whole of the book, the concept that parentless kids don’t know what’s good for them , well our heroin marie-ange takes this concept to a whole new level. I mean true that she had no parents but for the love of everything good use your common sense.
Lets look at each of the things tht marie ange did seperatley:

Sunday, June 26, 2011


While I get that Jay Asher's "Th1rteen r3asons why" has a really deep meaning and a really good point, I still couldn't stop laughing at some of the reason Hannah went into her so called depression!
Here are the reasons and why i found them stupid!
"#1. Justin Foley, the first boy Hannah had ever kissed, who lies and exaggerates the event by saying that they had gone further. This gives Hannah a negative reputation at her new school."
Usually when a rumour starts about you, you don't know who's the person who started it, but when you are 100% sure that that person started the rumour well lets just say you take matter in your own hands, but that's not what Hannah does! oh no, she just let Justin Foley spread rumour about her!