Sunday, June 26, 2011


While I get that Jay Asher's "Th1rteen r3asons why" has a really deep meaning and a really good point, I still couldn't stop laughing at some of the reason Hannah went into her so called depression!
Here are the reasons and why i found them stupid!
"#1. Justin Foley, the first boy Hannah had ever kissed, who lies and exaggerates the event by saying that they had gone further. This gives Hannah a negative reputation at her new school."
Usually when a rumour starts about you, you don't know who's the person who started it, but when you are 100% sure that that person started the rumour well lets just say you take matter in your own hands, but that's not what Hannah does! oh no, she just let Justin Foley spread rumour about her!

"#2. Alex Standall, the boy who put her down as the "Hottest Ass in the Freshman Class" on his Who's Hot/Who's Not List. This action perpetuates the reputation of promiscuity, and causes her to become an object of sexual harassment for other students."
Usually people take being termed as hottest ass as a compliment. Yea Hannah did become the target of sexual harassment, but that's why us girls carry a little thing called pepper spray! plus you'd be surprise with how hard you can punch someone in situation like these.
#3. Jessica Davis, one of Hannah's first acquaintances in her new town. She was jealous of Hannah because Hannah had been put on the Hot list and Jessica herself was on the Not list. In addition, Jessica liked Alex. She assumed the rumors that Justin was perpetuating were true, and abandoned Hannah as a friend, accusing her of betrayal.
OK now this reason was very weird! If your "friend" is being an ass about this kind of issue, well guess what honey! she was never your friend to begin with!
#4. Tyler Down, a classmate who was peeping in Hannah's bedroom window at night and taking pictures of her. Hannah and another girl (Courtney Crimson) attempted to catch him in the act, but did not see his face, and were left wondering who it was. (Hannah later discovers his identity.) Tyler's actions cause Hannah to feel unsafe in one of her last sanctuaries, her own home.
Seriously people there is something called 911! yea use try using that number sometimes, instead of encouraging the guy to take more photos of you by massaging each other!
#6. Marcus Cooley, a class clown who jokingly asked Hannah out on Valentine's Day. Realizing that Hannah may have thought he was serious, Marcus went to the diner where they agreed to meet. When he finds her there, he tries to touch her in a sexual manner, believing the rumors about her.
CARRY PEPPER SPRAY! honestly they are not that hard to get!!
#7. Zach Dempsey, another classmate who witnesses the confrontation between Marcus and Hannah. He offers assistance after Marcus leaves, but is rebuffed by Hannah. Possibly out of spite, he later steals her "compliment letters" in a Peer Communication class, when Hannah was in severe need of positive reinforcement.
 LOL! am sorry but the whole stealing her "compliment letters" and Hannah finding out about it was hil-wait for it-arious! hilarious. Why you ask? well for one thing, Zach Dempsey couldn't have acted in a more loserish way! and secondly, If i was Hannah and i found out who was  stealing my compliment letters, I wouldn't have stood in corridor saying why? i would have went over to him,smacked his head and would have demanded to hand over the letters!
#10. Justin Foley (again), who, after leaving Jessica Davis passed out in a bedroom at a party, allows Bryce Walker to enter the room and rape her. Unknown to everyone, Hannah was hiding in the closet, and did not help Jessica either. She holds herself and Justin partially responsible for Jessica's rape.
OK this was unforgivable! you never ever stand by when another person is being harassed or ridiculed! Even if she couldn't do anything about it at that time, the most decent thing she could have done was called the police!!
#11. Jenny Kurtz, a cheerleader who convinced Hannah to accept Marcus' date proposal. She was giving Hannah a ride home from the party where Jessica was raped, when she hit and knocked over a stop sign. Jenny refused to report it when Hannah told her to, and, after Hannah further pressed the matter, kicked Hannah out of the car. Later that evening, a senior citizen was injured and a student from their school was killed in an accident caused by the missing stop sign.
OK fine.. this was not Hannah's fault, but did she came forward to tell the police who was behind this? no! she didn't. I guess what they say is true "if you cant stand up for others, how will you stand up for others?"
#12. Bryce Walker, an older student who engaged in manual sex with Hannah without her consent and while she showed obvious signs of distress. Hannah admits that she did not stop him, though she could have, but also confesses that she was not attracted to Bryce and did not enjoy the experience.
Am sorry is it just me? or is Bryce walker a pent up perv? see if she had called the police when he was out there rapping Jessica, this would have happened.

Theres nothing more offensive to us, here at we critics, than letting injustice slide past your eyes!
If you over look the slightly weird reason, I think its a good book overall. oh one last thing, no one is worth killing yourself over, cause while life is hard its pretty awesome too! and though it gets harder its gets as awesomer too! its like they are directly proportional to each other. If you are feeling depressed or being bullied please tell someone about it, may it be friend, family or a counsellor. Getting help does not in anyway you are weak. Tell people and you will be surprised with how many friends you have! and oh! for the love of books stand up for others too people!!!!!

“Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they have.”
-Norman Vincent Peale

"If we don't stand up for others, who will be left to stand up for us?"
— Karen Traviss