Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Literature world; where everything merges together.

Reality is always more disappointing then the fantasy, that’s what I believe in. It’s as if even of the things that happen in real life that are the exact same copy of a fantasy it will be more disappointing then before, somehow reality makes all the attractions a little blurred or maybe the patience level more low. Whatever it is, the exact same dreamy fantasy in real life is not very catchy and swooning as you make it out to be in your head. I didn’t always believe that. To me, my fantasies weren’t always so disappointing. I used to think the exact same opposite to what I believe in now.
The world where, every fantasy and every fact in literature or movies becomes reality, The world where there is Idris, Narnia, Hogwarts, NeverNever, capitol, Mordor and many more, a world where there are hobbits, goblins, elves, vampires, demons, faeries, warlocks, werewolves, witches, wizards, angels, zombies and even hunters . I live in a world where everything merges together. It’s not yet dystopia or apocalyptic but it will be in sometime I believe, humans are not the most superior of species when there are so many others in every corner. It’s believe that goblins are very smart, Elves very beautiful, vampires immortal and shadow hunters have angel blood, how does someone compete with that, it’s hard to argue the fact that shadow hunters call us mundane, when we are mundane in so many ways. Everything that made life normal and human is now gone, everything that was once in a previous life was considered unreal and absurd to believe in is now a norm on earth.  I’m a hunter; I hunt demons, vampires, zombies and everything that can hurt or destroy others. Someone has to keep balance in society and keep the world from becoming a dystopian wreck it is bound to become anyway. We’re fighting a losing war but we have to keep going.

Did Cassie Clare plagiarized? not by the looks of evidence we are given...

One late night I was surfing the Internet because there is only so much studying you can do at 4 in the morning.  So anyway during that time I stumbled across the blog on tumblr that declares that Cassandra Clare plagiarized her way to the top.

"Welcome to NastyClare
This blog is run by Gossip Girl, L, Mockingjay, Rita Skeeter, Wonder Woman and Stansfield to expose the plagiarizing, manipulative, lying and shady side of Cassandra Clare, previously Cassandra Claire- the side you might not know about.
Others may have forgotten, but we haven’t.
This is not a hate blog. We don’t go around saying we hate her and hope she gets hit by a bus, etc. We don’t make fun of her appearance or talk about her personal life or any of her personal information, as some anons have accused us of doing.
Stansfield and Mockingjay are TMI fans, so this blog isn’t only for haters. Most of our followers are fans as well. We don’t care if you like her books and we won’t be rude to you if you do. We just want to make sure everyone knows the truth. Most of the stuff we’re posting is public knowledge that’s been on the internet for years. We don’t make any of it up.
We’re open to submissions and our ask box is open. You can submit anonymously by signing out first.
Gossip Girl, L and Stansfield"

First let me just start by saying that signing off as "XOXO gossip girl" might be the most cliche's way of signing off.
Second they claim not to be rude, even if you are a fan. HAHAHA honey all people have got to see the reply you guys write to people to know how that’s not the case.  Case in point:

Anonymous said:
Are you seriously so pathetic that you made a hate blog about Cassandra Clare? I know that she plagiarized, but i love her books, so i read them. I care about the story, about the characters. I start reading a book because it seems interesting, not because of the writer. I respect that you hate Cassie Clare, but please don't make such a pathetic blog about it, and get a life.

Truth blog, not a hate blog.
I honestly don’t give a flying fuck if you like her books and like her stories and her characters or whatever. That’s great for you. Nobody is saying that you can’t. Go ahead for all we care.
I respect that you like Judith Rumelt/CC, but please don’t make such a pathetic ask on anonymous thinking that it’s going to change our opinion on things or delete.. Pretty sure we can voice our opinion all we want.
Now please gtfo.

Now I might be brought up in a more civilized environment, but when someone tells me to GTFO I actually consider that rude. Also "I don’t give a flying fuck"?  yup my dearest blogger you guys are really not rude at all…

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Friends and How I Met Your Mother : A Comparison

friends comparisn
 how i met your mother comparisn
How I Met your Mother
There are many shows that go along the same line, either in the story lines or the character building because when creating a show the creators select a target audience. There are only so many types of shows that can be created that satisfy a certain targeted audience. Likewise there are many shows that are created to target the audience aging between teens, young adults and people in their early twenties.   
The sitcoms; Friends and How I met your mother are also targeted for a specific kind of audience. They also happen to share some similarities as well. Both shows have been rated very high and have been quite liked by the people. But like so many other shows along the lines these both shows follow, they share some mutual characteristics in story, Characters and setting.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The dheaon dheaon song (mujh say fraandship karoge) ; either its epically deep or its secretly written by Rebbecca Black.

My friend made me watch this movie called ''mujh say fraanship karoge'', now the movie itself is literally a whole new story but one thing that i just couldn't resist making post about is its song called Dheaon Dheaon, well i think its a bad case of words Down Down but i wouldn't bet on it. well i though i would just get the lyrics off of the web and analyze them as this song needs the analysis like instant noodles need water..:P
 so here are the lyrics;

Boys and girls , It’s show time
Know what I’m saying
Everybody raise your hands
Theres about to be a party 

Yes i do know what you mean , it isn't rocket science.

Riding the big bike and - Shaping with pen knife and
Shaking the high five and

I would comment on this i swear if i knew what it meant. riding the big bike? and shaping with pen knife, it would help a lot if it elaborated as to shaping WHAT with a pen knife. ad who ever heard of SHAKING a high five? how do u shake a high five anyway? and than randomly yelling ATTITUDE ...yea totally makes sense.

Girls of the institute - 69 latitude
Instead of gratitude
Attitude... So what

The girls of the institute are more or less 69 statute miles part, so instead of being grateful they show attitude? So what??  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Annoying Seatmates

annoying seatmate

I generally hate flying.  Not because I am a nervous flyer, oh no nothing like that.  Its just being trapped in steel cage for hours and hours makes me a little uncomfortable and I can't even sit in one place for more than half hour let alone fourteen frikking hours!!!!  And of course how can I forget the bad food, the bad company and the bad seats. The only thing that could make the flying experience worse for me is someone with a toddler, or more accurately a toddler who refuses to shut up.  Oh how those people infuriate me.  I know its mean but dude come on!  Put a sock in that thing for a while will ya?
annoying seatmate
Every flyer's nightmare!!!
On a recent flight however I was lucky enough to avoid the crying babies, but instead I was forced to found out that the only thing worse than crying baby is the person sitting next to you.