Saturday, June 23, 2012

Did Cassie Clare plagiarized? not by the looks of evidence we are given...

One late night I was surfing the Internet because there is only so much studying you can do at 4 in the morning.  So anyway during that time I stumbled across the blog on tumblr that declares that Cassandra Clare plagiarized her way to the top.

"Welcome to NastyClare
This blog is run by Gossip Girl, L, Mockingjay, Rita Skeeter, Wonder Woman and Stansfield to expose the plagiarizing, manipulative, lying and shady side of Cassandra Clare, previously Cassandra Claire- the side you might not know about.
Others may have forgotten, but we haven’t.
This is not a hate blog. We don’t go around saying we hate her and hope she gets hit by a bus, etc. We don’t make fun of her appearance or talk about her personal life or any of her personal information, as some anons have accused us of doing.
Stansfield and Mockingjay are TMI fans, so this blog isn’t only for haters. Most of our followers are fans as well. We don’t care if you like her books and we won’t be rude to you if you do. We just want to make sure everyone knows the truth. Most of the stuff we’re posting is public knowledge that’s been on the internet for years. We don’t make any of it up.
We’re open to submissions and our ask box is open. You can submit anonymously by signing out first.
Gossip Girl, L and Stansfield"

First let me just start by saying that signing off as "XOXO gossip girl" might be the most cliche's way of signing off.
Second they claim not to be rude, even if you are a fan. HAHAHA honey all people have got to see the reply you guys write to people to know how that’s not the case.  Case in point:

Anonymous said:
Are you seriously so pathetic that you made a hate blog about Cassandra Clare? I know that she plagiarized, but i love her books, so i read them. I care about the story, about the characters. I start reading a book because it seems interesting, not because of the writer. I respect that you hate Cassie Clare, but please don't make such a pathetic blog about it, and get a life.

Truth blog, not a hate blog.
I honestly don’t give a flying fuck if you like her books and like her stories and her characters or whatever. That’s great for you. Nobody is saying that you can’t. Go ahead for all we care.
I respect that you like Judith Rumelt/CC, but please don’t make such a pathetic ask on anonymous thinking that it’s going to change our opinion on things or delete.. Pretty sure we can voice our opinion all we want.
Now please gtfo.

Now I might be brought up in a more civilized environment, but when someone tells me to GTFO I actually consider that rude. Also "I don’t give a flying fuck"?  yup my dearest blogger you guys are really not rude at all…

I don’t know if you guys feel the same way (and by you I mean our we critics audience not gossip girl wannabes) but when I am arguing/discussing with someone and they just start cursing I lose all interest in the argument/discussion.  It actually really infuriates me. Seriously are you that desperate to prove your point that you are reduced to cursing?

Now back to the main point of the blog.  They gave some evidence as to if Cassandra Clare actually plagiarized.  Now some of them could be the real thing and most of them are just coincidences.
Whether Cassie plagiarized or not, that I cannot know for sure.  What I am going to  do is to see if their accusations are really valid or not.  Whether they are right or not I will leave that up to you my awesome audience to decide ...

She plagiarized Fire and Hemlock in her fan fiction, as well, and in Fire and Hemlock there’s a scene where Tom tells Polly not to call him “Uncle Tom” because it reminds him of Uncle Tom’s cabin.
Clary says Luke doesn’t want her to call him Uncle Luke because it reminds him of Uncle Tom’s cabin, but why on earth would “Uncle Luke” remind anyone of Uncle Tom’s Cabin?  There’s no Uncle Luke in that book. And how many times do you come across a scenario just like this?

Lets start with why would uncle Luke remind anyone of uncle toms cabin.  Well I don’t know if you guys have heard this or not but its called an expression. As in it might have reminded Luke of the book which was published in 1852 and he owned a bookstore and read a lot so he probably would have read it.  Now why he didn’t like being reminded of the book is something to do with the characters past or his general preference to the book, which unfortunately are never mentioned in the book otherwise I would have elaborated on it for sure.

and she still plagiarizes. the demon blood infusion from the John Constantine series infringes DC Comics copyright, and we’ve shown evidence that she based her fanfic Draco off of the character of John Constantine. the Silent Brothers are too close to the Harbringers of Death from Buffy for comfort, and it’s a known fact Buffy was one of the numerous things she word-for-word plagiarized in her fanfiction

Lets start with demon blood infusion.  Now before in our posts we have mentioned that we never read comics that much so I had to search it up and while it appears that you are right, I also found numerous other fan fiction relating to demon blood infusion.  I also found an online game or whatever that has something to do with demon blood infusion to make more orcs or something.

Now to her fanfic… unfortunately again I am not really a big fan of fanfic either but if am not mistaken, usually in fan fiction a lot of characters are based of from some published works.  In fact I recall a site where fans actually write their own version of the book or novel they love or hate, whichever way you prefer.

Silent brothers and harbingers of death are something that I am very familiar with so let's compare shall we?
"Harbingers of Death, colloquially known as Bringers and self-referenced as The We, were the high priests and foot soldiers of the non-corporeal First Evil.  These demons were seemingly former humans that had been corrupted by the First and transformed through rituals that included self-mutilation."
    • ·      They are demons who were once humans
    • ·      High priests and foot soldiers of he first evil
    • ·      Have the ability to render the surrounding sterile
    • ·      The do not speak but they do grunt or moan during physical exertion or pain
    • ·      Eyes are covered with rune like scars
    • ·      Assassins, capable of highly organized crime

"The Silent Brothers are a powerful group of all male Shadowhunters. To strengthen their minds, they have taken upon themselves the most powerful of runes known to shadowhunters. However, the process mutilates their appearance. They are among the most feared and dangerous shadowhunters. They are so powerful that they even scare other shadowhunters."

·      Wear heavy hooded robes
·      No eyes, just indents where they had been once
·      Lips are crisscrossed with a pattern of dark lines.
·      Skin as thin as parchment paper.
·      They are archivists
·      They help shadowhunters to defeat the demons
·      They are not fighters like other shadowhunters.
·      Their abilities include: mind reading, mind destroying and drawing runes.

Both of them seem very very different to me

there’s an uncited quote from A Tale of Two Cities in City of Bones, and while A Tale of Two Cities is in public domain and you don’t need permission to borrow from it, you still need to properly cite it where people can see it, and give proper credit to Charles Dickens, which she didn’t. that’s plagiarism.

It would be really helpful if you can at least point out the page or chapter number because honestly we lead a pretty busy life and don’t have time to find a single quote in a book!

she also got the term “stele” from Terry Brooks’ Shannara series, where it’s the same thing only spelled like “stiehl.”  I strongly recall her plagiarizing Terry Brooks in her fanfiction, too.
and the actual word ‘stele’ is a stone tablet that serves as a gravestone, so tell me where she would’ve gotten it into her head it would be a magical knife, if it weren’t for Terry Brooks.

Well just to clarify the word "stele" also means: The central core of primary vascular tissues in the stem or root of a vascular plant, consisting of xylem and phloem together with pith.
But it looks like you have got a point there.
But while we are discussing the terms author stole, well to be fair J.K. Rowling's magic incantation "Aveda kedavra" is very similar to "abracadabra" which was mentioned first in the 3rd century in a book called "Liber Medicinalis"


and I’m appalled she doesn’t mention Harry Potter as in her inspiration at all. she can mention a bunch of other books, but not Harry Potter? did she conveniently forget her books are based off of her Harry Potter fanfiction? she gives no thanks to JK Rowling for the idea of mundies/muggles, or for Valentine/Voldemort/Lucius, or for Luke/Remus, or for Jace/Draco, or for Clary/Ginny, or for the plot device about a man who everybody thought was cool in high school until he started a group of people who wanted to wipe out an entire race, or tattoos that show you belong to a secret group. what about a shoutout to the Lord of the Rings?

Whoa whoa hold on a minute.  While I agree A LOT of things seem familiar in TMI series, the character you're pointing out are not one of them.
Really?  They couldn’t be more far apart.
 Voldemort wanted to make the magic line pure. Valentine wanted to end the corruption in clave and Lucius…  Well he was just a git who was being controlled by a leader.
 Remus was never James best friend it was Sirius. And oh James never tried to get rid of Remus.
The only thing similar about these two is that they're both red heads.

Also may I remind you guys that while I am a huge fan of Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling was also sued for plagiarism?

While I appreciate all the *cough* hard work you guy put into your little "research" but we need hardcore evidence to believe Cassie plagiarized. If she did why didn't anyone sued her? 'cause I couldn't find a single case.