Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Annoying Seatmates

annoying seatmate

I generally hate flying.  Not because I am a nervous flyer, oh no nothing like that.  Its just being trapped in steel cage for hours and hours makes me a little uncomfortable and I can't even sit in one place for more than half hour let alone fourteen frikking hours!!!!  And of course how can I forget the bad food, the bad company and the bad seats. The only thing that could make the flying experience worse for me is someone with a toddler, or more accurately a toddler who refuses to shut up.  Oh how those people infuriate me.  I know its mean but dude come on!  Put a sock in that thing for a while will ya?
annoying seatmate
Every flyer's nightmare!!!
On a recent flight however I was lucky enough to avoid the crying babies, but instead I was forced to found out that the only thing worse than crying baby is the person sitting next to you.
  Oh how the guy next to me talked on and on and on!!!!  It was infuriating.  Oh yeah I know what you are thinking!  Like wth dude why couldn’t you just put on your headphones and the guy will get a hint!  My dear people, I did try that.  I even closed my eyes!  But did he get the hint?  Nooo!  Instead he tapped me on my shoulders and said "I just remembered a very interesting story that I should tell you".  I even tried laughing at his face but unfortunately he thought I was laughing with him and not at him.
Now am not anti social, and would have gladly talked to him if the topic was interesting.  What he kept droning on and on about was how many countries he visited…how many "expensive" things he bought…  How he hates my country and of course how much he hated my countrymen (even though he was originally from my country). 
I meet the most freakiest people when I travel. Its like I am cursed with freak magnet or something.  But I guess I should be thankful, at least this time I didn’t stumble across any stalkers *shudders* but that is a story for another time.