Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Literature world; where everything merges together.

Reality is always more disappointing then the fantasy, that’s what I believe in. It’s as if even of the things that happen in real life that are the exact same copy of a fantasy it will be more disappointing then before, somehow reality makes all the attractions a little blurred or maybe the patience level more low. Whatever it is, the exact same dreamy fantasy in real life is not very catchy and swooning as you make it out to be in your head. I didn’t always believe that. To me, my fantasies weren’t always so disappointing. I used to think the exact same opposite to what I believe in now.
The world where, every fantasy and every fact in literature or movies becomes reality, The world where there is Idris, Narnia, Hogwarts, NeverNever, capitol, Mordor and many more, a world where there are hobbits, goblins, elves, vampires, demons, faeries, warlocks, werewolves, witches, wizards, angels, zombies and even hunters . I live in a world where everything merges together. It’s not yet dystopia or apocalyptic but it will be in sometime I believe, humans are not the most superior of species when there are so many others in every corner. It’s believe that goblins are very smart, Elves very beautiful, vampires immortal and shadow hunters have angel blood, how does someone compete with that, it’s hard to argue the fact that shadow hunters call us mundane, when we are mundane in so many ways. Everything that made life normal and human is now gone, everything that was once in a previous life was considered unreal and absurd to believe in is now a norm on earth.  I’m a hunter; I hunt demons, vampires, zombies and everything that can hurt or destroy others. Someone has to keep balance in society and keep the world from becoming a dystopian wreck it is bound to become anyway. We’re fighting a losing war but we have to keep going.
We got news from the south that the demons were retaliating under Valentine’s order he was the one who stole all the mortal instruments, they were sacred to Idris. This is going to be hard because if Valentine gets his hands on the ring of Mordor and also the support of zombies and giants, this war will be very hard indeed. I have tried very hard to keep my updates in order so that immediate action can be taken in case there is a war. I think that with passion and right timing we can win this, we got support as well, vampires have sided with us as Damon Salvatore and Angel are personal friends of mine. I also believe that in time we can win the support of Narnian forces and the Unseelie and Seelie courts in NeverNever also the iron fey as well. House elves promised us their tiny help in the war; they with Dumbledore’s orders will come and help as soon as any war or battle starts. Other hunter like Jace Wayland, dean and Sam Winchester and Buffy suggest they we should attack first but that will take much of our power and finances, something we cannot quite afford right now.
I try to keep my position up in this world, I decided to become a hunter when things started to get out hand, took different kinds of trainings, from a shadow hunter institution where Jace lived, that’s how I got to know all about the mortal instruments, I also visited Hogwarts and beauxbatton but unfortunately I’m not a witch, but made friends there, it was an amazing place , now unfortunately it was bleak as Fred had just died in the war against Voldemort. I had offered my expertise but harry had refused saying that he didn’t want to get more of his friends hurt.
This new world isn’t bad, in fact it offers more than the old one ever could. The normal mundane things are here but so are things that make life an adventure in its self. I visit places and with people that make everything look so easy but it isn’t. Trust me. All the mundane things like living a normal life, growing up, going to school, college, university, getting married or earning are there but in way that is different. For one the dynamics have changed. Species has replaces racism, as if no white people see the point of skin color when the guy or more like a thing sitting behind you is a kitsune. Although putting kitsune down isn’t as easy as putting black people down were. They tend to be very sneaky and clever. Humanity is united, in its own evil way because man is a very selfish and evil creature. Take valentine, we’re same but materialism has made him shun his own kind and attack his own people. One of the reasons faeries hates us saying that we’re not different from any darkness that lurks and hurts others. The faerie queen compared humanity with demons, all dark inside then she had pondered that the only difference was demons didn’t hide what they were when humans did everything to beautify the outsides instead of the insides.   I didn’t believe her until I saw for myself what Katniss Everdeen had gone through in Panem. The hunger games were just another example of humanity. It had shocked me then I had thought this might be why people always look at beautiful people instead of the personalities because deep down we all know we’re dark inside. This discovery ought to make Jace happy, he the one who keeps going on about how he might have demon blood in him.  The only thing that makes me doubt everything are the good people in my life. Jem made me think life wasn’t as bad I made it out to be.  The Winchesters and Frodo who has saved all of Middle Earth from Soron.
Maybe all hope isn’t lost yet. There are still good people left and we are fighting a much bigger war of survival.


Idris, Jace wayland : the sacred capitol of shadow hunter in the book series Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.
NeverNever, Seelie and Unseelie courts, iron fey: the faerie dimension in the book trilogy The Iron fey by Julie Kagawa.
Mordor, the middle earth, Frodo and Soron:  places in the book series The lord of the rings by JRR Tolken.
Hogwarts, Harry, Fred, Dumbledore, Voldemort and house elves: form the harry potter series by JK Rowling.
Damon Salvatore: from the series vampire diaries by LJ Smith.
Katniss Everdeen:  from the series Hunger games by Suzanne Collins.
The Winchester brothers; Sam and Dean : from the TV series Supernatural.
Buffy: from the TV series Buffy the vampire slayer.
Jem : from the series Infernal devices by Cassandra Clare.

I wrote this mostly randomly so if you find no point in this; it is fine. It's just for enjoyment or rather as a pointless thought than anything else.