Thursday, June 14, 2012

The dheaon dheaon song (mujh say fraandship karoge) ; either its epically deep or its secretly written by Rebbecca Black.

My friend made me watch this movie called ''mujh say fraanship karoge'', now the movie itself is literally a whole new story but one thing that i just couldn't resist making post about is its song called Dheaon Dheaon, well i think its a bad case of words Down Down but i wouldn't bet on it. well i though i would just get the lyrics off of the web and analyze them as this song needs the analysis like instant noodles need water..:P
 so here are the lyrics;

Boys and girls , It’s show time
Know what I’m saying
Everybody raise your hands
Theres about to be a party 

Yes i do know what you mean , it isn't rocket science.

Riding the big bike and - Shaping with pen knife and
Shaking the high five and

I would comment on this i swear if i knew what it meant. riding the big bike? and shaping with pen knife, it would help a lot if it elaborated as to shaping WHAT with a pen knife. ad who ever heard of SHAKING a high five? how do u shake a high five anyway? and than randomly yelling ATTITUDE ...yea totally makes sense.

Girls of the institute - 69 latitude
Instead of gratitude
Attitude... So what

The girls of the institute are more or less 69 statute miles part, so instead of being grateful they show attitude? So what??  

Bubblegum popping ah
Hip hip hopping ah
Bangkok shoppings ah
La di dah di dah dah

 I think they just put random words for the sake of rhyme which is  rather stupid as they put an "ah" at the end of everything anyway, what is the significance of "ah" is another great mystery though.

Pink pink frocking ah
Tight tight stockings ah
Heart is rocking ah
Dancing samba

Dheaon - Dheaon- Dheaon- Dheaon

The first four lines are beyond my mundane and common intellect so I'm not gonna even try thinking it through, lets just get down to the Dheaon Dheaon Dheaon ... okay so this line might have been out of our capacity as well i have a feeling. Could this be Down Down Down?? 

Ladies look at us and ask who is that hot-tie
Machas with attitude movie the party
Chillin with homies, we keepin’ it fly

And sippin’ everything thats getting us high
Bump into women who prancing
I aint' sure, but I guess they're dancing

I think ladies look at you and go who is the crackpot but who am I to judge. Anyone who thinks he's ''chillin with homies"  is so not a hottie. He isn't sure about the woman hes bumping into but he guesses they're dancing. Yes, so very bright you are my friend.

And the only question running in my mind is
Do you wanna make friendship
Life is a kettle without no friends

That's empty, rusted, old with dents
Possessive with feelings intense
Forever, irrespective of the expense

what I don't get here is what does definition and deep wisdom of friends has to do with the sole question in the guys mind which is the question about someone and if they would like to in fact "make" friendship. the sole question in my mind is how do u make friendship. That line reminds me of something else too from my life but more on that later maybe..

Together, we partners in crime
Better and perfected with time
The only question running in
my mind Is
do you wanna make friendship

Five star - Coffee bar
Chal na yaar - Shanivaar

Liking the late-night outings

Very far - To the bar
Ek baar - In the car
We will do cootchie coo make-outings

I'm sorry but, cootchie coo make outings?? and might I ask how did the lyricist connect the distance from there to the bar to something relating to one time in the car,what though is beyond me.

With a roar, Through the door
Teri ore teri ore, Hungry tiger is walking
Gimme more, Mon amour
Dil ka chor, Banaa mor

Suddenly feelings are talking
Liking the lip lockings
Pressure like in Hawkins
Punch in the eye socking
Attitude ....

I'm actually laughing at the rhyming of roar with teri ore teri ore... also gimmi more with mon amour. and where is the hungry tiger walking to anyway? Nothing in the song connects with the next line..

Ha ha funny joking
Looking so hot smoking
Naughty eye stroking
Attitude ...

Faking the Gucci ah
Hep like sushi ah
Shaking the tootsie ah
La di dah di dah dah 

I hear there is great risk of going blind if you lovingly stroke someones eye also naughtily however that is. the thing that is most confusing is randomly going ATTIIITUDDEE in the song. Why? why would you do that? and whats la di dah di dah dah??  It reminds me of that sesame street song about whats the name of the song.

Gum gum gapoochie ah
Cooing the cootchie ah
We will do the smoothie ah
Dancing samba

Dheaon - Dheaon- Dheaon- Dheaon

Wtf is gum gum gapoochi ah????

Machs with attitude in the house
Moving the crowds, the story's about
The dancing and the party
Shake your hips and move your body

But, people, they know that
I'm back with the rap
And handicaps I’m making 'em clap
Homie you know that I meant it
So, do you wanna make friendship

I think making a handicap clap is a little insulting in a weird way, don't you think?

Feeling so trippy I’m feelin’ so fly
And I’m so high I kick the sky
People, they doing the samba
DJ play the super song ah

Girls and boys and everyone
Raise your hands and sing this song
Homie you know that i meant it
So, do you wanna make fraaandship

Trippy? fly? kicking the sky? samba? song ah?? please kill me now , this agony is unbearable.

Blackberry pinging ah
Shakira swinging ah
Shiny and blinging ah

Doing the bondings ah
Singing the songings ah
Wordings are wrongings ah
Dancing samba

Dheaon - Dheaon- Dheaon- Dheaon

This constant ah ah ah reminds of no face from spirited away and that thing was kind of creepy but i would go with that any day of the week.
I'm not sure songings and wrongings are a word but this song has made me realize I'm not the one to talk, its so deep and intellectual,by all means this is right and everything else is wrong.  
Again with the dheaonn dheaonn..lollll

if you would like to listen to this song here is the link to you tube. and the link to lyrics page i used to review it. by all means analyze the crap yourself. :P

I'm not going to rate this song because I'm afraid my rating system might explode in my face, its a personal risk I'm sure you would understand.

The you tube link if you want (please keep the cursor on the close button its for your own safety);

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