Monday, August 27, 2012

Battle Royale and The Hunger Games

I do accept the fact that I have seen the movie Battle Royale way too late than most of the people, In fact I also accept that I saw this movie AFTER I heard the rumors that the idea in the books and movies Hunger games by Suzanne Collins was kind of copied off from Battle Royale. I wanted to check out for myself because the series hunger games is one of my favorites.
 So moving on , I saw the movie Battle Royale and I was kind of surprised at the high ratings given to it at IMDB, I do appreciate the idea because that was undoubtedly original but since idea isn’t the only thing that makes something awesome, and that is where the my conflicting opinions come in. I thought Battle Royale was good in its idea but it was somewhat lacking in refinement. Also the fact that the acting in the movie was plain terrible! I haven’t read the book Battle Royale, I just saw the movie so therefore I will compare both movies and Battle Royale and hunger games rather than books.
Battle Royale gave the idea of collapsing economy where children were starting to get ruthless and employment rate was dropping and what not so therefore the government passed a bill called Battle Royale that randomly selects some class to be shipped off to some deserted island and made to fight to death. Three days the students are supposed to fight to death till one stands remaining or they all simply die. In the movie the class which is chosen gets right down to business and starts killing with their randomly given bags which could posses any type of weapon for them, ranging from axes to GPAs to even pot lids. There are many things that struck me as plain weird in the movie. First what is the point of the battle?