Monday, October 31, 2011


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Saturday, October 8, 2011


Lately there have been talks of this amazing new show "The Game of Thrones".After quite a few recommendations i decided to watch this series and it turns out to be an adaptation.The original book being written in 1996 it was finally made into a series.So i watched it and i loved it then i dig it and then i read all of its 5 novels (The story is not yet concluded).

It is basically Fantasy which portrays a kingdom whose throne is the subject of politics.The noble lords are conspiring to get high ranks and benefits out of the throne and the throne itself.The thing is that this series is a masterpiece from every aspect.

The story,characters,cast,graphics everything was nearly perfect.This is one of the best adaptations that i have seen after The Lord of the Rings trilogy.Now if you have enjoyed LOTR then this series is just perfect for you.It has more dimensions than LOTR and more reality touches with fantasy themes.

I didn't read the book before watching the first season but when i came to know that this series has 5 novels i was really surprised that how on earth i haven't heard about it.This is just too epic to be neglected.So after finishing the first season i could not wait for a year and started reading the novels and although they are very very lengthy they are utterly unpredictable and highly entertaining.

Friday, October 7, 2011


It was July 2008 and the nominations for the Emmy Awards were just announced.Being a regular follower of TV Series i was surprised by the name "Damages" getting handsome number of nominations(i.e 7).More surprisingly it won 3 Emmy awards while my favorite series "Dexter" was left empty handed.It left quite an impression and i added it to my to-watch list.Apparently my list was so long that Damages didn't get a chance to land on my screen until recently.After been 3 years in the queue i finally watched Damages Season 1 and frankly it was awesome.It has to be one of the best series that i ever watched.

It covers a law firm who is indulged in a lawsuit against a billionaire who allegedly withdrawn his shares just before his company went bankrupt.The whole season revolves around this one case hence building up quite a strong plot.The essence of this series is focusing on this one case instead of one-per-episode format which is usually followed in law firm kind of series.

The first striking thing about this series is its depiction of timeline.The Series begins at the start and end of the story.So you already know the end of the story (most of it) you just don't know how/why it happened.On one hand a rookie lawyer Ellen Parson(Rose Byrne) is trying to impress her new boss(the impressive Glenn Close) while on the other hand she is running from a crime scene soaked in blood.Both time lines progress smoothly until they catches up.It doesnt sound new to some of you but believe me it was done way better than it sounds.