Saturday, October 8, 2011


Lately there have been talks of this amazing new show "The Game of Thrones".After quite a few recommendations i decided to watch this series and it turns out to be an adaptation.The original book being written in 1996 it was finally made into a series.So i watched it and i loved it then i dig it and then i read all of its 5 novels (The story is not yet concluded).

It is basically Fantasy which portrays a kingdom whose throne is the subject of politics.The noble lords are conspiring to get high ranks and benefits out of the throne and the throne itself.The thing is that this series is a masterpiece from every aspect.

The story,characters,cast,graphics everything was nearly perfect.This is one of the best adaptations that i have seen after The Lord of the Rings trilogy.Now if you have enjoyed LOTR then this series is just perfect for you.It has more dimensions than LOTR and more reality touches with fantasy themes.

I didn't read the book before watching the first season but when i came to know that this series has 5 novels i was really surprised that how on earth i haven't heard about it.This is just too epic to be neglected.So after finishing the first season i could not wait for a year and started reading the novels and although they are very very lengthy they are utterly unpredictable and highly entertaining.

The story throughout the series is scattered at different locations and one interesting thing is that each chapter is narrated with the perspective of one character.So you know the feelings and thoughts of the one whose story is on going in the chapter.This provides quite refreshing view to the characters but sometime it bores you when one of the less important character is next in line :P

So if you are a admirer of Epic Fantasy Genre do read this series.If you cant read it just watch the first season and you will be tempted to read the remaining novels but remind you they are very comprehensive.The details are the sole reason that it was made into a series and not into a movie.

P.S. The TV Series is rated,don't come running after me that i didn't warn you :P