Sunday, May 8, 2011


I came to my college thinking finally ill be able to relax , that one personality that I completely hate would not be there to annoy me out of my wits.
How happy was I, thinking that air would be clean again, sound waves not so annoying the sight so smooth and not of that dreaded creature. I could almost hear glass shattering when I spotted my worst nightmare standing there looking all smug gazing at the notice board. I would have turned around and went back to the car if it hadn’t been for my best friend who dragged me along to the notice board to look our names up .His ‘’hello’’ was enough to make me realize that next two years I would be in immense pain, for that guy was the person that I’ve hated all my life, and its just my luck that he happens to be everywhere that I go.

Im not biased, I have reasons why I hate that guy. For one his sheer existence is a crime against nature. The way he talks and walks like he owns the entire place surrounding him makes me want to hurl. He even dresses up as if he owns the place , if those prince tights and swords were socially acceptable to wear he would be the first one to buy the entire stock. It’s not just how he walks and talks too, a normal person cannot stand in his presence for more than two minutes, for me its humanly impossible. He talks like he knows everything, like if he doesn’t know about it ,it could not possibly be true. He’s the kind of person too self assured for his own good, and God forbid if you happen to contradict him, his tantrums will put any spoiled kid to shame. A person who has so many character flaws will be assumed to hated and disliked, but for him its completely different, people actually do like him, why though? Is beyond me. Any person sensible enough can see right through him that how shallow and materialistic he is, that his smooth talk is just a pretence, inside he’s hollow and dark.
But it has always a regrettable truth of my life that with ALL these flaws, he has still managed to be quite liked.
Good looks and charm is wasted on him!!!