Sunday, May 1, 2011


 After staying up 4 nights in a row, after careful observation, even more careful analyses i have come to realize that there are 15 different kinds of people on face book (ha ha you thought i did something worthwhile didn't ya??)

1- People who have pictures of themselves striking a model pose in front of their bathroom mirror.
2- People who are very very very selfobsessd! Every album is entitled "me" "mE" or "m3".
3-Then there are the kinds who add you just cause you have mutual friends. DUDE we don't know you stop adding us!
4-The kinds who are confused between twitter and face book and insist on updating their status on face book 24/7
updated 2min ago "going to give my dog a bath" updated 1min ago "my dog is being stubborn about the bath" updated 0 min ago "finally put the shampoo on my dog"
AAA enough dude! do you expect us to go "oh my gosh! I was so afraid his dog wont let him put shampoo on"??
5-The kind who likes everything.. and I mean everything everything!!
*picture of you on grand canyon* LIKE
*god I had such a terrible car accident* LIKE 

Honestly do you even read the things before you like em?
6-People who keep the relationship status as "complicated". We all know you're single, stop trying to act like you're some cool ass play boy!
7-The kinds who's status are always emotional! "stuck in a crossroad, don't know which way to go, the darkness is surrounding me, slowly suffocating me until I am dead"

we call them emotus! (yes I know my try at an emotional status sucked real bad)
8- The kind who change their profile pics after every 2 second!
9-The kind who's always trying to chat with you, even though you met each other long time ago and the only reason they are in your friend list is cause their mom knows your mom and you're scared they will tell on you if you deleted them :P
10-People who put an inside joke as their status... what are you like trying to rub it in our face that we weren't present at the party last night and now we are never gonna get this joke ??
11-People who post song lyrics as their status.
12-The people who insist on using slang that will give other person a migraine by just trying to read it "omg ! ttly wnt 2 da mll!!! msd yew soo mch!!"  yyeeaaa i don't care...
13-The kind who write "mwah" on every status update, picture or video.
14- The kind who stalk your every god damn move and than tell you about it! "I see you're talking to her again" "yea I saw it on your wall that you went to his did you have fun??" talk about being awwkkwwaardd!!
15-Then there are the people who are too awesome to us! =D