Saturday, April 30, 2011


One of our many habits is to check random videos! A few days back my friend showed me a video where Rebecca black explains the meaning of her song "Friday", so i wrote it down for you guys to read...........

"People just don't get it, they really just don't get the song, I am surprised when people hear my song Friday and think its just a breezy pop song. The writers Clarence jay and Patrice Wilson really layered the song with a lot  of hidden meaning and I really don't think the people pick up on it the first time they hear it. What real meaning to the song is that it comes from a really-a really deep and a really painful place."

OK this is where she stunned me! I was like dduuuddeee what possible hidden meaning could this god forsaken song has! And what painful place does it come from? She didn't get invited to some party which was on Friday?or deciding between which seat to sit on traumatized her for life?

"'gotta have my bowl
gotta have cereal
seeing everything that time'

gotta have my bowl gotta have cereal that line-that line is about consumerism I GOTTA have my bowl I GOTTA have my cereal we cant live without these things of modern society and for some people its mortgage and others its a bowl cereal"

I couldn't stop laughing when she said this line! Yea i know a lot of you people out there are gonna mail us "oh you don't know about consumerism, what she saying is so totally true" so before those emails start, I feel like I should tell you that yes I do know about consumerism and what shes talking about is not consumerism, well not in way we should be concerned about.
Consumerism is a social and economic order that is based on the systematic creation and fostering of a desire to purchase goods and services in ever greater amounts
Purchasing a new ipod, which the apple led us to believe is more efficient and cooler than the last one you bought, that's consumerism.
Eating a bowl or cereal for breakfast that's not consumerism, that's actually healthy and as tiger would say "tir-riffic" way to start your day and how is wanting your own home to start a family or whatever consumerism? Would those people with 5 kids be happy in a crampy old apartment as compared to a 6 bedroom house? Of course not! Consumerism is buying stuff we don't really need. So yes we cannot live without these "things of modern society", cause the things you considered as"things of modern society", are actually basic necessities of life. But if you're so up against all these "things of modern society" why don't you shift to caves and live of nature like our ancestors did.

"kicking in the front seat
kick in in the back seat
gotta make my mind which am gonna pick.

well the choice between front seat and the back seat is actually a metaphor for American foreign policy. front seat Afghanistan back seat Iraq we gotta make our mind up"

Did I say her previous explanation made me laugh? Well this one made me ROFL!!!! American foreign policy? Afghanistan? Iraq? and makeup our mind about what! Would you mind elaborating on that....

"everybody looking forward to the weekend

looking forward to the weekend is really about the broken promises to a generation in the current economic climate.
weekend is a metaphor for financial stability no one is sure about the stability. do i have to spell it out for you?"

Well apparently you mighty actually need to spell it out for us.. who in their right mind can link a weekend of partying to "current economic climate" ???
And what broken promises? Every one knows that economy is not known for its stability and can crash anytime, the best you can do is hope it doesn't. Government never said anything about nothing will change when our economy collapses and you will all go living your life like you normally would. I think you really need to take economics as your subject since you clearly don't know a thing about it.
Weekend is a metaphor for financial stability? OK so can I assume that the word baby from Justin biebers song "baby" is a metaphor for money? and "just shout whenever and ill be there" is a metaphor for how people are straining themselves and working overtime just to make a few bucks??

"what a lot of people don't realise about Friday is that a lot of lyrics are written in quotation marks, so its not  really meant to sound like 'patying partying yeah!' its more like 'partying? partying? yyeaaa'"
Am sorry but what the hell are you trying to say?? It seems like you'll say anything to convince people that Friday is not a "breezy pop song", when the truth is it is just a "breezy pop song", a pathetic one at that, but a "breezy pop song" none the less.

"the other thing people don't realise about Friday that it pulls from a relationship of mine.
the entire song is about Dave coulier, I have never met Dave Coulier  but i watch full house a lot and I just never liked his character called joey."

And I thought I was confused over your last explanation...
weren't you just babbling on and on about how the song is really deep and throwing big words around like "consumerism" and "foreign policy"?? So how did the whole song ended up being about Dave Coulier? Is Dave Coulier a target of consumerism? Did Dave Coulier got confused over America's foreign policy? Oh wait! Did Dave Coulier promised people financial stability? Oh I knew it! Dave Coulier and his fake promises...

Wow gee thanks Rebecca Black for your amazing and insightful meaning, it really made me think twice about disliking Friday. But unfortunately I hate it even more (if that was possible).
I have come to the conclusion that my analysis of the song was much better and less confusing...
There were some comments that said that this whole video was suppose to be joke and to be honest guys am really praying that it does turn out to be a joke, otherwise I seriously have no hope for our upcoming youngsters!