Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When I heard that Harry Potter and the deathly hallows were going to be made in 2 parts, I was actually happy. 'cause you know the 7th book has a lot of important information that couldn't be cut out easily.
But when I heard that Stephenie Meyers wanted "breaking dawn" to be made in 2 parts too, I was WTH! Honestly why are they making it in 2 parts? 
Was the vampires showing off their power  throughout the book so freaking important that they couldn't sum it up in one movie???

"I am down. I wanna do it. The story absolutely warrants two films. It would be a six-month shoot if we made two movies back-to-back, compared to a three-month shoot. It would be much more satisfying to do two films, because we wouldn't have to drop so much of the story; it wouldn't be like, 'Well, we didn't get to do this scene, this scene or this scene.' You'd get less of that — which would be good."
Actress Kristen Stewart

Oh really Kristen? drop what important part of the story may I ask? A bunch of vampires showing off their power? oh look at me I can do this! no wait look at me I can do that!
seriously people who are you kidding? The book might have been 700 pages long but its the content that counts not the length!
The whole book was about a war that doesn't even happen at the end where as in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows theres this whole finding the horcruxes and then destroying them and not to mention the most epic war of all time! Now that movie certainly needed to be made in 2  parts and am glad they did it. But breaking dawn? puhlleezz! spare us the torture!