Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I wrote some of the things that i have noticed in my time i went there, so i decided to write some things that were repeated over and over in various semesters ,also i might like to point out that these may or may not seem true to you i'm just writing what i think is right so even if you don't agree please don't get offended following are the rules of being in fuclas:
  • If a girl likes a guy, only the girl and her best friend knows, but if a guy likes some girl EVERYONE except the girl knows.
  • Someone, ANYONE has to be playing an instrument at all times.
  • Guys walk in bundles to go to the bathroom while girls go alone (universal rule reversed)
  • The day you do not bring your student ID shall be the day they check for it.
  • If it aint dirty, it aint cafeteria food.
  • If a teacher is good and amazing at her field she or he will definitively not get to teach another class in this university.
  • If a teacher is there in permanent staff, she or he shall teach ANY subject she or he can get hold of.
  • Library is there but not to read books.
  • Boys bathroom (unsanitary may it be)provides irreplaceable acoustics to play an instrument and  to randomly sing songs.
  • There shall always be a girl who condemned the fashion sense and walked with her head held high ( if you cant find her, your probably it :P)
  • There shall always be a loner guy or a girl who always walks alone and seems to have no friends.
  • There shall always be person who thinks they sing good but really don't.
  • Student affair is a secret cult and as a rule they will always try to bring all your plans down. There is also an invisible devil sign in front of their name jo sirf khass roshnii mai nazar atta hay. :P
  • Mass communication is basically bunch of students who are massively under communicated to make it in the world. There shall never be any real opportunities provided to help this case either.
  • If you have money , you must show it; BUY A DSLR and then flaunt it for all to see (beshak seedhi tasveer bhi laini na atti ho).
  • If someone tells you other peoples stuff they will most definitely tell your stuff to others too. Don't trust them.
  • The proportion of girls who will be future muhallay walli auntia is inversely proportional to normal girls.
  • No matter how many fights break out in the university , an outsider will always get a united front. (better not mess with us)
  • A teacher shell go power hungry given the position.
  • don't try to clear a rumor, they clear up in their own time. Don't worry about it much.

These were written just for entertainment purposes and not to offend or insult someone, so please just take them lightly and enjoy.
i have also not pointed out anyone, even if you seem to think that i did, i DID NOT.

:P :D :P