Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just some randomness...before exam!!

Why is that whenever its the exam time even the most dire of things start to look interesting? That discarded novel you never wanted to read, that long 2 dvd version movie about a boring person you always avoided even holding. Even writing in your blog when you are suffering from writers block is more appealing then opening those God forsaken notes that give you information and promise to take you on the road to success.
I like many others have an exam tomorrow and again like many others the tissue box on that table is more interesting then the book I'm suppose to be studying. In my defense though, the book is very redundant and insufferable. Who needs to learn infinite amount of dates anyway? Its not like when I am in my professional life someone is going to come up and ask me "hey who created the AM (amplitude module) for radios?" it was Lee Fossenden in case you didn't knew ( Wow, looks like one point is guaranteed if they ask me that tomorrow) and who in their right minds name their kid Lee Fossenden anyway?? Its like his parents names him solely for the purpose of confusing the future generation who will have to learn his name.
I demand justice, or an Xbox whatever is easier to supply.

P.S : I do realize that this ough to have been my journal entry rather then a wecritcs blog post but I can explain this act: I couldn't find my journal and I'm lazy!