Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Like I said in my previous post, our (meaning me and Aisha of course) criticizing skills are damn good when we watch or read something together! And this time it was no different. After years we decided to watch Thumbelina again, you know as a sort of reminder of those good ol’ days! But this time somehow the movie was kinda more on the trampy side than you know the magical place it was once in our childhood!
Shocked aren’t you! I knew it! Whenever we tell someone that, their first reaction is “yeah right!” but we swear we are not kidding! It even shocked us, so we watched it twice and both times we came to the same conclusion and that is “damn Thumbelina is such a @#$!” We are damn serious! Ok let’s start from the beginning.
Everything is going well, Thumbelina falls in love with the fairy prince (she of course doesn’t know he is a prince) and they danced and sing along with the gigantic bumble bee and that is where the trouble starts. The weird perverted looking mustached toad sees Thumbelina and tells his mother and his mother kidnaps Thumbelina for him!
Next day Thumbelina wakes up to find she is not in her room but instead is stuck with the toad family who are also in show business. The toad lady (I forgot her name) manages to convince Thumbelina that this is the life for her and guess what Thumbelina actually likes that! Yes she is all like buh-bye-weird-haired-winged-guy-I-met-last-night-am-going-to-be-a-star-now! And than trouble strikes again and the toad family leaves her for some reason and then she meets the clown bird who promises to find the fairy for her in the meanwhile he pairs her with 3 jitterbugs (yes that’s what I want for protection 3 jitterbugs!) to help her find her way home. On their way they meet the beetle guy who also thinks Thumbelina is oh so dead gorgeous that he flies her up to his lair to be his star. When the show start you would expect Thumbelina to be all like “I refuse to dance in this awful beetle get up” but oh nooo she’s up there dancing like anything! And HAHAHA this is the funny part, and when the beetle is all like damn you are uuggllyy she starts crying! 
Now lets go to the scene where she is rescued by the Mrs. field mouse and is asked to marry the blind Mr. mole. And get this, Mrs. field mouse convinces Thumbelina to marry him in this way: so what if he’s ugly and stinks? He’s rich as hell guurrlll! Give up you pride and the promise that you gave to the fairy and marry him instead!. And Thumbelina of course agrees, and would have married the mole if she hadn’t gotten all delusional and started seeing Cornelius face everywhere!

In short the moral of the story is: Thumbelina is damn either very gullible or very clever and oh of course being delusional can sometimes be helpful! =)

P.S did I mention how quickly she recovers when she finds out that her on true love is dead?