Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Lets face it companies make and manufacture new brands and products all the time. They consider everything needs popularity and costumer price, they consider all the things before launching ...what they dont consider is the name..well they consider it but they dont think them through.....they dont see that how awkward will a customer be when he or she is asking for it from a shopkeeper...thats cuz names of things are becoming so funny or awkward that one thinks ''dude im soo not saying that name out loud''....well we'r here to criticize those names and make a scenario that the companies will see how weird it is to say those names....
Some time ago a juice came out here in Pakistan...its named OLLALA...right...what am i suppose to do?? go to the shop and say '' make that two ollalas please'' ...right i say this and the next will be the shopkeeper laughing his socks off ...not just names of juices and other things..movies names make you the most awkward...look...i go to the video rent or shop and say '' give me terminator and ps i love you'' the guy would be like ''okhhaayy??''.... not just movie in english ,indian movies are no less....i go to the shop and head on say 'mujh say dosti karogay(do you wana bcum my frnd) better run after that because if the guy is some weird ass he'll probably be giving u his number next or do some other stuff which i dont know itl be since im not a weird ass .And you know the most embarrassing name of all is ? that will make u feel stupid in all ways..seriously,look i go to the rent shop and ask the rental guy ''hey do you have ''angus,thongs and full frontal snogging''??..that is so not going to happen its just too weird