Wednesday, August 19, 2009



The French law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols in schools bans wearing conspicuous religious symbols in French public.The law is an amendment to the French Code of Education that expands principles founded in existing French law, especially the constitutional requirement of laïcité: he separation of state and religious activities,the separation came into effect on 2 September 2004, at the beginning of the new school year..the French government dont want any religious symbols worn public,imean apart from the usual argument that what the freakin hell is a symbol going to do to them, WHO the hell are they to tell us what we should wear,its our right and we want it,i dont see the peace symbol being banned,for all u people know they could be setting up a bomb on corp America right now[though its really unlikely,being on dope all day],
I heard that all the Americas ad Europe very proudly say that their countries are free,their citizens are allowed to do whatever they want,Americans very much like to yell 'im freakin American you can do this to me'' even if the poor guy is just taking some of his fries,
now when they are banning without hesitation that scarves are illegal in schools,i remember a story of a girl in french school who became the victim of their racism,she used to wear a headscarf [hijab,abiya] to school,later she got a warning that if she would wear her head covered again she shell be expelled or suspended,obviously the girl had some moral and did not listen to them,they warned her gain and again until they were compelled to call her mother,her mother told the school that what her daughter was doing ,was her own choice and she would not stop hre,next day knowing that if she came with her head covered he shell be expelled affective immediately,she showed up without a scarf and her head shaved bald,she very proudly announced that if she wasnt gonna wear her head covered they sure as hell wont see her hair either,I dont think this shows how brainwashed Muslim children are this shows Muslims faith in thier teachings,wer proud to be what we are even if u call us extremists or terrorists,we keep our head covered not because of our males being sexists,we wear it cuz we LIKE to do it, I may not be a very good Muslims but i know what my religion tells me, im sure as hell sure that what french are doing is the racists thing to do,where did their freedom went now when some of the Muslim kids are compelled to wear something they dont like...!!!!!,i dont thing these governments so against Islam would stand idly when one of their children are being forced to so something like this.these people dont get that we Muslims are not the ones being brainwashed,YOU people are,do you think that you vast production of dumb Americans who dont know the difference between Oscar award an academy award [just so u dumb wits know,their isnt any],YOUR the ones who watch mtv all day and think ''speaking freakin prada'' is so damn hot, people if u dont know the most basic knowledge your speaking whos hot and whos not is just gonna get you down to a new low,You people are more concerned aoubt what Britney spears, paris hilton and the rest of the slut brigade is doing than what their own government is doing abroad..killing millions through war and sanctions,Open ur eyes people,life isnt a fuzzy puppy land like you think it is.YOUR the ones who cant stand up for them selves ,come home runny to mommy just cuz a stupid bully called u a freak,YOUR the ones who follow Lindsay lohan and starve ur selves to death just to be thin [dude has it ever occurred to u that their a thing called MAL NUTRITION????,yea its kinda dangerous i hear.],We aren't the one who go running to the mall to buy something some celebrity was wearing,WE unlike some people out there know that IRAQ ISNT THE PaRT OF AMERICA [referring to the miss south carolina girl who said that.],we arent sexists,racists or dumb like your young generations,WEr the ones who are keeping the populations going cuz we arent so damn scared of kids,wer the future,cuz we hav something that ur so reluctant to use, commonly referred to as COMMON SENSE,