Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Oxymoron; two contradictory words used together,
for example, deafening silence and alone together.
oxymorons are found every where,everyone notices them,anyone who has seen an episode of 'sheep in the big city' does anyway.
everyone who notices an oxymoron tends to point it out immediately,since its fun to do so, oh all right we do that but still...
anyway, even we were fooled this time, we didn't realize the biggest oxymoron was tossed around endlessly in front of our very eyes.
yes , we are talking about a book series and its movie that has been the center of attention for a while now.
so there fore before i reveal the biggest oxymoron, i might thank the author for giving it to us.
so, thanks Stephenie Meyer, for bringing us such a good one.
its due to her we might see this oxymoron in the new edited version of the great book of oxymoron.
so i here by reveal and say the great one for the first time here on our blog.
(caution: we're making history here)


PS: we might as well give it an critic choice award now: well have to do it later anyway.

The award of ''the biggest oxymoron of the century'' goes to,
a sparkling vampire!!!!