Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So almost everyone has seen the amazing Inception .. and like us many of you will be wondering about the ending "whether the totem fell down or not" in simple word if Cob is back in reality or still stuck in dream world. after having a very looonnnggg debate on this subject with different people i have come to the conclusion that cob cam back to reality
how you ask
-well for the starters cob is always wearing a wedding ring when he is in a dreamworld (in dreams he is still together wid Mal) and he wasn't wearing it in the end

-At the end the totem wobbles that means reality. In dreams Totem spins constantly and smoothly and never wobbles.
And if we listen carefully after the black out-not after the credits-there's a sound of the totem wobbling and then falling!
as Deleep Rao (yusuf ) said "You know what, I'll just say this: Use your ears not your eyes"
-At the end cobs kids are seemingly wearing same outfits but different shoes. As for their ages, there are actually two set of actors credited. Their daughter Philipa is credited as being both 3 and 5 year old while the son James is credited as being 20 months and 3 year old.

well those are my opinion on the ending!.. feel free to contradict!
but i would like to applaud for Mr Nolan for such an exceptional idea... well done Mr. Nolan! =D