Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TRANSFORMERS 2, REVENGE OF THE FALLEN (that pants may never get dirty)

Okay, first let me get this straight, i love that movie and enjoy it immensely. used to watch the cartoons while i was growing up and everything.
okay so that out of the way, i was actually watching it again n i noticed something...

wait let me give the award first then explain..:P

Okay , so the award goes to MEGAN FOX,

for having the ...


I mean seriously, whats up with that???do they come in with a built in self cleaning factor???
she went through like a million explosions and dirt. no matter how many she went through though, NO MATTER how many dirt paths she was dragged on or fell on, her white pants come out spotless in the next scene!!!
i wonder if she wore pants over pants over pants, so she could just rip the top one off, for the next scene!!!
I wonder...