Monday, September 12, 2011


Imagine that you just finished a book which left you wondering how would it feel to watch a movie based on the book... Well that was exactly how I was feeling after finishing first book of the Hunger Games series. 

I immediately searched it out on IMDB and was glad to see that the movie is indeed in production and that its trailer has been released, I was so curious about the trailer that I started picturing it even before I played it.The very first image that popped up in my mind was the "The Girl on Fire" thing and then there were random flashes of The Seam , Lights above the Capitol (aerial view), People Cheering/Sad, Gale, Peeta, Rue. A canon going off and the first kill then Tributes trying to kill each other.
I was so thrilled by all the scenes in my mind and then came the moment of sheer disappointment! yes you guessed it right I clicked the Play button(which off course I wished I would'nt have afterwards). I was so shocked to see such a pathetic trailer with a girl running around in the woods, a girl in the woods yes that's it. Shame on the editor or director or whomever was this crispy idea was, you get exactly 0.000000001 out of hundred for this one.But hey wait there is another shock this is only the third movie of the director(as a director) I mean what were you thinking Suzanne you could have found a better director at least an experienced one so please add some extra zeroes to my previous numeration.To be honest I am not keeping my hopes high for this one but still would'nt miss the movie for the sake of book.

P.S. If some of you are expecting a trailer link here then you still don't get it "IT IS A DISGRACE TO THE BOOK/MOVIE" and I am not posting it whatsoever, waste your own time searching it out. Thanks.