Sunday, September 11, 2011


Title: Pariah Issue #2 and 3
Author: Aron Warner and Philip Gellat
Illustrations by: Brett Weldele
Genre: Fantasy (graphic novel)
Format: paperback
Publisher: Sea Lion Books


Just like the previous issue, this issue was just as fast and exciting, one min they're totally calm and the next everything that can go wrong goes wrong.

after first issue, i found out that the story just isn't about one guy who gets pulled in into this whole mess, its about everyone who gets pulled in. Each issue holds new characters ,new story and new events of what happened to different vitros as the whole conspiracy unfolds.
this was indeed surprising in a good way, as its obvious that every story is leading upto to something mutual , maybe even bringing them all together.
in issue 3 we get a gist that maybe not all the vitros are good, maybe some of them do have a evil streak. this mixes up with the rest of the innocent vitros and makes up a story that hold everything a good successful one does.

definitely worth a read!