Friday, July 1, 2011



''The novel tells the story of a much-beloved schoolteacher and his long tenure at Brookfield, a fictional boys' public boarding school. Mr. Chipping conquers his inability to connect with his students, as well as his initial shyness, when he marries Katherine, a young woman whom he meets on holiday and who quickly picks up on calling him by his nickname, "Chips". Despite his own mediocre academic record, he goes on to have an illustrious career as an inspiring educator at Brookfield "

THE worst book ever!!! its in our English syllabus and we had no choice but to read it...i mean from the world full of books they had to make us read this one !! but this book is not just unbearable but it has no point whatsoever.

Mr chips himself is the weirdest guy ever to walk the planet, I mean he says that he cant stand women and then goes and marries a girl young enough to be his daughter, if that isn't creepy i don't know what is.
Apart from that, that dude thought he was so witty but the jokes mentioned in the book are the most non-funny ones Ive ever had the misfortune to hear !!! Mr chips speaking style of saying humph more then words is really annoying. He thinks that hes all liked by all the students and all but its quite apparent that hes the kind of teacher everyone actually hates but just don't show it because of the age factor and all!!
okay so he finds a way to connect with his students!! but unfortunately he finds the most ridiculous way EVER!! whoever gave him the idea that INSULTING a kids dad would make him ''connect' with the kid?????
Apart from all these little annoyances, the book has no point, i mean who wants to hear the whole boring story of a guy who would have won the boring Emmy if there was one!!! i mean its even more pointless then Anne of green gables!!!

well, Anne of green gables is whole another story if u ask me on the worst books level...