Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Credits: Creator: Aron Warner Writer: Philip Gellat Artist: Brett Weldele
Plot Summary:
In the future, a race of people known as Vitros, people who have been altered in the womb with gene manipulation and who are incredibly smart, almost scarily so, are given a fair amount of discrimination and are feared and hated in equal measure. One day, after a mishap with a toxic substance, the Vitros are blamed and named terrorists, and a world-wide persecution begins as people fear the Vitros are planning genocide. For one Vitro, Brent Marks, the world will never be the same again.
This review was actually kind of hard to write as it was requested by a person representing a publishing company! But I’ve tried my very best not to come in any influence and give my honest opinion.
The truth is : the story line is interesting however its lacking certain something. Now I’m not a big fan of graphic novels I tried to read them when I was little , I took whole of my brothers collection from his room and tried reading them but as I was little the only one I found interesting was unfortunately some graphic novel called penguin warrior or something it was about..well that’s beside the point.

So as I was saying I’ve never been a fan of them except Garfield , Archie , Luann and those things but I don’t thing they count except Archie maybe.
This however was kind of interesting but the one thing I had a problem with in the whole of 36 pages first issue were the graphic representations, the things that the main guy ‘Brent’ was saying didn’t go with his expressions at all!!!
On page he’s completely frustrated with the classes unresponsiveness and bored looks to the universes big secrets and he himself looked bored with himself the MOST!!
On the next page he’s saying he’s not happy but he LOOKs happy!!
That kind of confused me a little but on the whole the story line is actually VERY interesting, I would definitely read the next issue but like this one I would just read and not look at the pictures to save myself from the confusion.( you see I get confused
I would recommend this to people who read graphic novels as I don’t read graphic novels so im not the best person to say anything about the graphic representations maybe all of them have this non synchronization thing with the dialogues thing.