Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MR. ROCHESTER...the edward cullan of the past!!

I noe most ppl consider mr rochester from jane eyre HOT!!...but hes so NOT!!
Infact hes as creepy as edward(well a lil less creepy thn edward cuz no one can beat his record of creepiness!!)
cmon mr rochester dressed up as girl just to find if the girl he likes, likes him back....a guy who dresses up as a girl has to have a mental disorder!!...
well i suppose spendin all tht time with tht crazy excuse for a wife must have him mentally scarred for life!!and then he locks his wife up in the attic and tells no one bout it!!...and while being married he decides to marry jane!!...widout tellin her of his first marriage!! I mean cmon thts just plain weird!!