Sunday, December 20, 2009

NEW MOON ,a crime against vampires.

I watched the movie and all the time during i had to pause again and again because i was laughing so hard .Setting aside the fact that the movie was once again a total disappointment.It was infact the worst adaptations i have ever seen apart from the first part offcourse,the first part was equally unbearable,
okay apart from the usual insults of the series,
if u didnt notice it then not to worry,
the next time you watch the movie and im sure the fans out there sure will, look closely at the scene where Alice shows Alec that bellas going to be a vampire in the future...look closely at the scene and you will see that edward is running in the medow sparkling and running in slow motion ...seriously it was like the only thing remaining was him going lalalalalal like little red riding hood,remember when i said i had to pause to laugh? yeah this was one of those scenes !!!!
new moon was one of my fav book in the whole saga as there was no Edward until the end because seriosuly jacob is really hot in the mvie and in the book.but i cant deny with long hair even jacon looks like a man who had been residing in the woods all his life and is seeing civilization for the first time..!!!
we give the movie 3/10 *

* that three is just because of Jacob being really cute !!!!