Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Tv series of vampire dairies came out,i just saw the firs four episodes the thot ill read the books first, well, i downloaded them and started reading, the more i read the more i felt ive read this kind of thing somewhere, until i realized that this all had already happend in the twilight saga....i checked the publishing date of vampire diaries which to my utter shock turned out to be 1991 !!!!!! the publishing date of twilight saga is 2005 !!!

i felt like whf???? seriously i would never have believed it if some else had told me this but unfortunately it was me who discovered this !!!

Twilight saga, a international best seller written by Stephenie Meyer is a total rip off....

all the main ideas that Meyer passes off as hers are actually stolen from a 1991 book series called vampire dairies written by L.J Smith.the only idead that meyer produced herself was tht vampires sparkle [yea thanx Meyer,dont know what we whud hav done without the vampires sparkling]And the onyl thing tht didnt make sence in vampire diaries is how did elena come back from dead, whick im sure will be explained later in the next two parts tht are still to be published.but the flaws in twilight ,,!! sheesh

Dont belive me ????

You can read the book your self but ill give you some proofs here anyway.


  • In Twilight edward attended high school, although no reason for this is given,its really wierd that a vampire attends school.

  • Edward cullan was such a nice guy,he cudnt hurt anyone, damsel in distress were his weakness.

  • Edward goes against the natural instincts,he doesn't drink human blood, or kill people.

  • Edward Saves bella once,saves her

  • Doesn't want her to become one of them,he thinks he will take away her soul in doing that pr curse her to eternal damnation or whatever.

  • Edward is filthy rich.

  • has some kind of indescribable attraction for bella,he lusts for her blood the most, but he doesn't want to hurt her therefor avoids her completely

  • Obviously when he avoided her she felt that he doesnt like her very much.there was misunderstanding between them that he hated her .

  • Edward loved her like hell but couldn't show it,

  • when he first got in the school he had to dazzle his way in,since he dazzled everyone according to meyer...

  • Edward is very old fashioned and desent looking, i.e doesnt like showing off,[ as if bringing a shiny Volvo didnt count].

  • Edward propsed to bella to marry him after graduation.
  • Edward sparkles in sunlight,thats why they cant go in sunlight,just evening is fine...
  • Werewolves come in the series..!!! are a vital part as well.
  • Edward could read minds.


  • Stefan Salvatore went to school,well,not because of the reasons Edward Cullan did which were none. spoiler alert but Stefan came to church's fell because of Kathrine,she made him come !!!

  • Stefan was a really nice guy, helped the one in need.

  • Couldn't hurt people,he just drank blood n left thm alone to live.

  • Stefan saved Elena once too, when Tyler attacked her.

  • Didnt want her to ahve to live like him ,always hidden.

  • Was Rich as well

  • Elena was so much alike Katherine so he felt attracted towards her but he avoided her for her own good.

  • Damon was the Jacob black...

  • When he avoided her she felt that he hated her,only she wasn't a freak like bella.

  • Stefan is very decent looking and handsomely old fashioned.

  • Stefan could feel minds,their presence and nature of thoughts,

  • Stefan proposed to Elena to marry him after graduation.
  • vampires cant go in the sunlight,well they can but they need a special talisman to protect thm,but light hurt thm even with a jewel.
  • werewolves come in the story.
  • he could make people do stuff with just one look [see:Edward dazzled ppl]


God how could she get away with something like that????

And just for the record Vampire diaries is way better ,cuz original stuff is always better....