Friday, December 18, 2009

Tribute to Fred Weasley...

Its no denying the fact that most of us got teary eyes if not fully cried when fred died, it came as a shock.The mere thought of twins not being together was impossibly sad and terrible.well we wont deny it, we cried.i was unable to read any further when that happened.seriously the lines the impression of his last smile was still on his face when he fell or something like that.they still make me feel all weird when i think about them like i just witnessed it or somethin.

Fred was an awesome character and should not have died we all agree on that i think [and who dont, kindly go and soak ur head in the toilet that where u belong anyway!] his death was really tragic and yeah im not gonna be one of those twitars way tht they hate Stephenie Meyer for hurting edward cullan,Fred wealey was jk Rowling character and it was good that she killed someone or other wise the book whud hav been too happily ever after for my taste but that doesn't change the fact that i really loved Fred Weasley,but why him??? anyone but him !!!
man,Fred and George were like the most awesome people in hp series....well come to think of it the author killed almost all the cool ppl....
Fred !!!!!
well,maybe im cursed...
yup,im cursed.
Anyway no matter how long itl be that the series has come to an end..fread will always remain alive in our hearts....forever and ever !!!